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Karissa Valenzuela

Karissa is a pioneering sound healer based in Tucson, Arizona. She has always been passionate about helping others find inner peace and wellbeing through music. Karissa has developed an innovative approach to sound healing that has helped her clients find clarity and relaxation in their lives. Karissa is a mother of two children and is dedicated to making sure that her family is healthy and happy. She is constantly looking for new ways to share her passion for sound healing with others and to help them find the inner peace that she has found. Karissa is also passionate about helping new mothers find balance and relaxation as they transition into motherhood and helping them find the inner strength to make sound healing a part of their lives. With a growing presence on social media, Karissa is spreading her message of healing and self love around the world.

Sound Healing For Moms

- Here to empower you to be the best mother-


By letting the vibrations and sounds of sound bowls help you enter a deep theta state, allowing your brain to rewire. Enjoy a guided meditation that includes visualizations and affirmations to further your relaxation and healing. Allow the sound bowls to take you on a journey to a place of peace and stillness.

What evidence backs this up?

I have developed a unique sound healing technique that uses a combination of hypnosis and neuroplasticity to bring you into a Theta brain state. Once your brain is in this state, I provide you with visualizations and positive affirmations to help you reprogram your thought patterns and create lasting changes. This is a powerful and effective way to heal your mind and body.

Your subconscious is the foundation for your first response. Even without your conscious thought, your body is already acting in a certain way. This is why we strive to rewire our brains while in the theta mind state. Here, we can program ourselves to react in the way we wish, and remove any responses that no longer serve us.

How long until you see a difference?


Sound healing is a powerful and holistic modality that has many potential benefits on its own.

Sound healing works by stimulating the body’s natural healing vibrations, allowing the body to restore itself to its natural state of balance. Sound healing has been used for centuries to help reduce stress, relieve pain, improve mental clarity, and promote overall wellbeing. Some of the benefits of sound healing include relaxation, improved sleep quality, increased creativity, improved concentration and focus, improved mood and emotional balance, enhanced self-awareness, and a deeper connection to the spiritual self. With the addition of affirmations and visualizations , sound healing can help mothers to tap into a deeper level of relaxation, offering a greater sense of relief from the pressures of motherhood. By combining these two powerful practices, you can create a truly transformative experience that can help to renew your energy and outlook.

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