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Smaller life changes that make all the difference

Everything is vibration, if you read my first post you’ll know that our word is a powerful tool to get what we want. Our subconscious program runs deep. So does our innate sense of self. Everything we take in whether that be friends words, tv shows, billboard messages is absorbed. Our minds are so powerful and it’s potential is incredible. Have you ever went to bed after watching a show and the show incorporates into your dreams? A song? It’s because our mind is gathering information every second of our life. Swap out tv shows for audiobooks/books. Nature shows. Be aware of the music you listen to. Swap out your songs talking bout the 🍑 and 🍈 for something meaningful. Some of my favorite artists are beautiful chorus, Instrumentals, equanomus. Go on a social media detox and cleanse. Only follow those who genuinely make you feel good. Everyone else gets unfollowed or muted. Also take time away form screens. Intention behind everything you do will change your life. Everything you absorb becomes you.. Food, water, signs, words.. Be mindful of what you are surrounding and allowing to penetrate your mind.

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