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If you genuinely want to change your life understand words are literal magic.

Updated: May 7, 2023

Imagine your favorite spell caster; whether that be Sabrina the teenage witch or Marnie they both have something in common. Can you guess what it is? They projected an intention out into the universe and BAM something Magical happened.

Believe it or not you’re completely capable.

What gets in the way is the awareness of our actual thoughts. What do we truly believe deep inside of us? There’s millions of journal prompts, practices but the simplest way to make sure we radiate pure love and worthiness starts with us.

When you catch yourself talking/thinking negatively honor yourself and then set a boundary. We no longer talk like that. We hype ourselves up. We’re self aware. We are walking bodies of light and love and nothing penetrates this.

Everything is vibration. Your life is reading the vibration and frequency you put out and matches it.

Some phrases to change that’ll change your life:

What’s wrong 👉 what’s going on

I have to … 👉 I get to

I look so fat/tired/ugly 👉 Thank you body for showing me what I need

This really upsets me👉 This is showing a part of me that’s not healed yet. How can I respond in a loving manner?

The beautiful thing is ever thing in our life is showing up to teach us. Are we listening? Are we stepping into the power of our word? Our thoughts? Our beliefs?

All we need is ourself.

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