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Helpful Tips On Your Journey TIP 1

First, a quick thank you to Rev Briana Lynn for sharing this technique. The original practice is called fear flipping. Give yourself some time to have a fear journal write down your fears and then flip them. What can these fears teach me? How can I be unapologetic about how I’m feeling AND turn that into my power? Our triggers, shadows, feelings are windows into ourselves. As we learn what our emotions and feelings are teaching us we can also reprogram ourselves to feel differently. Easier said than done. I’ll give some examples down below I’m fearful of launching a 1:1 course. Fear flip: I miss 100% of the shots I don’t take. I have to start somewhere. I fear my relationship with my daughter is withering. Fear flip: I’m an amazing mother and being able to sense the strength of our relationship alone goes to show how entangled we are. I welcome new ways to strengthen our bond. We own who we are by acknowledging all of ourselves; including the parts of us we don't share. When we acknowledge ourselves no one else can call us out because there's nothing hidden or unseen. This becomes our superpower.

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